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Really loved this. A fun exploration of the first night of being a vampire.


Thank you! :-) 

When I try to download this game nothing comes up, is there something I'm missing?

There's nothing to download - it plays in browser.

So.  There are a handful of proofreading errors: "Julien" becomes "Fabien" at one point; I got the message about Mon emptying water into a bowl of noodles three times.

I'm pointing out these nitpicks because I hate the idea that there's even the tiniest thing wrong with the story, because it's good.  Like, really good.  Kept-me-turning-virtual-pages good.  Well-drawn characters (heck, I was starting to grow fond of the DJ by the end), very real setting, compelling story.  If this is your first solo game, I am dying to read the next one.  (Well, I mean, not like Lacey-dying.  But still.)

Hah 😊 Thank you!

I'll look at fixing those and put up a new version tomorrow!

The noodles bug is interesting - that was found and fixed during testing! Must have somehow gotten un-fixed...

Fixed! Thank you.