A downloadable game for macOS

A prototype for a little Mac game so I can try out Swift. My basic goal was to produce a tiny survival/crafting game with elements I miss from the Ultima V-VII series, and see how much I could get done (using very simple programmer-art) in just one weekend.

Note: this game prototype is made in Swift, so, even if I polished it, it will never exist for any platforms other than Mac and, in theory, iOS (although it's not designed for touch at all)

Addition: as of the next version, I will be releasing the source code with it, under a BSD or public domain license. Haven't decided yet. Just hope it's of interest to people toying with Swift + Spritekit.

Install instructions


ARROWS - move

SPACE - use

Z - pick up

Q - drop

Small objects can be placed atop tables.


TinyCraft 0.1 1 MB